Niagara Region History

Region History

by Chad Comeau, Club Historian

This great article, written by our founding NRPCA member Fran McAllister, outlines how the Niagara Region was formed. The article article was published in Panorama February 1967.

The Niagara Region

by Fran McAllister

“The Niagara Region was first conceived on October 28, 1962 as a result of a meeting held at the Treadway Inn in Batavia , NY.

The Central New York region with membership concentrated in the Syracuse, Binghamton area, encompassed all of Central and Western New York. However, due to the large area involved, it became very difficult for the members in the western end of the state to attend meetings and events. “Tim” Timberlake, since re-located in the Chicago area by way of Los Angeles, became the “Prime mover” in the splitting of the Central Region and the formation of a new region. It was largely due to his efforts that a charter was granted on November 11, 1962.  Since most of the membership of the new region is concentrated in the “Niagara Frontier” area, it was decided to call it the Niagara Region.”

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By April 10, 1963, the membership total had reached 31 Members.

1963 & 1964 Flatout Covers


July 1964 Panorama full page picture of Niagara Region member Bill Barley

Niagara Region Member Takes 1st place in 1968 Porsche Parade Rally

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Niagara Region Membership was up to 61 Members in 1969!

Founding Niagara Region President, Charles Kuell, Accepts Life Membership Award

By 2012, Niagara’s membership exceeded 400 members.

Niagara Region Updates

1970 Region Update


Dec. Region1970 Update


1972 Region Update


Dec. 1973 Region Update


1974 Region Update


June 1975 Region Update


By 2012, Niagara’s membership exceeded 400 members. In June 2012, Niagara celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary with a three day extravaganza at Glenora Wine Cellars on beautiful Seneca Lake. Here is the article from the October 2012 Panorama.

Niagara Region 50th Anniversary Celebration

by Johan Spijker

“Winters are long and cold in Western New York, so we try to fit everything in during the few good months between late spring and fall. We ended up with a perfect weekend of sunshine, blue skies, majestic views and historical significance at the heart of the Finger Lakes from June 15 to 17 to celebrate our region’s 50th anniversary.Our backdrop included Glenora Wine Cellars, the first winery on Seneca Lake, and extended to historical Watkins Glen, where the Watkins Glen Gran Prix old course (1948-1952) can still be enjoyed through the town and surrounding countryside. The activities also included laps on the newer racetrack at the International Raceway, autocross in the course paddock, as well as a visit to the International Motor Racing Research Center at Watkins Glen. The geography is very similar to the Rhine region of Germany where gentle hills and vineyards form the setting for the roots of our club’s home of Porsche.”

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Niagara Region 55th Anniversary

NIAGARA REGION celebrated our 55th Anniversary on June 24th, 2017 at
beautiful Terry Hills Golf Course & Banquet Facility in Batavia, NY. THGC kindly
cordoned off a generous section of their parking lot where 40 pristine Porsches
lined up in a Corral. Seventy members socialized at the Corral for a couple hours
before we went inside for a delicious dinner of Italian Atlantic cod, stuffed pork
tenderloin and chicken French.

President Dave Hostetter thanked the members for their volunteerism over the years and recognized Past-Presidents Rob Dean, Rich de Asis, Dan Deegan, Craig Erickson and Bruce Friedhaber for their service. The highlight of the evening was when immediate Past-President Rich de Asis surprised Dan Deegan with a lifetime achievement award for his 30 years of tireless service.

Dan has done countless tech sessions & inspections, spent years as Chief Track Driving Instructor, organized numerous NRPCA swap meets, attended over 20 Parades, judged Parade concours, participated in Zone 1 Tech Tactics and served as region President. A well deserved standing ovation ensued.

After the evening’s formalities concluded, many Niagara folks remained to reconnect with old friends and become acquainted with newer members,   proving once again – “It’s not the cars, it’s the people…”    Craig Erickson


On November 11th, at our Annual Fall Dinner, Mike Bryan, our Zone 1 Rep, presented the club with our 55th Anniversary Certificate.  November 11, 1962 is our charter date.




Niagara Region PCA Presidents

1962 – 1964 Charles Kuell
1965    lloyd Ussery
1966 – 1969 Francis McAllister
1970 – 1971 Jon Gros Jean
1972 – 1973 Walter Leising
1974 – 1975 Craig Erickson
1976 – 1977  Tom Tresohlavy
1978 – 1979 Roger Spezzano
1980 – 1981  M. Kari Farukhi
1982 – 1983  Carol Erickson
1984 – 1985 Ron Bosch
1986 – 1987 Walter Leising

1988              James Gala
1989 – 1990 Mike Bohan
1991 – 1992  James Liberty
1993 – 1994  Bill Campbell
1995 – 1998 Bob Drdul
1999 – 2002 Robert Dean
2003 – 2004 Bruce Friedhaber
2005 – 2006 Dan Deegan
2007 – 2008 Robert Dean
2009 – 2012  Jim Arendt
2013 – 2016  Rich DeAsis
2017 – 2020 Dave Hostetter

2021 -2022 – Ken Buschner



1962 – 2011


2013 – present


2013 – present

2008 – Present

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