Event Chair Guidelines and Resources

If you have an event idea, please fill out the Event Request Form to get started.

Typically new event suggestions are presented at a club meeting to gauge the membership’s level of interest.  The level needed to approve the event varies depending on the type and cost of the event to the club. The board will review and vote on any cost to be covered. Once approved the event would have a chairperson assigned, usually the person who submitted the suggestion. The event calendar is reviewed for availability and the event is scheduled and advertised.

While a new event can be brought up any meeting, typically, we have two main planning meetings a year. One in December, a Pre-Planning Meeting and the final Planning Meeting in February. They help to get a feel for the events that members may want to present and give time to get details together. It’s a good time to sit in and hear what the tentative plans for the upcoming driving season are.   New ideas and suggestions are always welcome. 

We are here to help, so don’t be leary of hosting an event. Niagara loves varity, feel free to be creative :-)  We have an Event Chair – Lisa Paine who is happy to guide you through the process. 

Forms and “How To’s” are available below.

How To Host A Tour
PCA Tour Guidelines
Event Request Form
Waiver Form
Waiver Form for Minors
Insurance Enrollment Form – Is now being handled by our Insurance Co-Chairs: John Jerabek and Lisa Paine.  Please contact one of them with any questions regarding insurance for an event. 
Incident Report  –  online form
Post Event Report
Observer’s Report
Observer’s Report Guidelines

*Insurance needed for any moving car event including “let’s meet at ______ then drive to _____” All events that involve car movement that is organized by the region.

All insurance certificates for all Region Events can be ordered at the beginning of the year. National will hold them until a few weeks prior to the event then send it to the region.

If the event does not occur or changes – notify John Jerabek or Lisa Paine, Insurance Co-Chairs.  They are there to help you with the event and insurance process. 


Charcoal Corral Super Cruise has been cancelled due to weather Click here for event info.