Deegan Award

The Deegan was originated in 1999 as a way of recognizing outstanding volunteers to the Niagara Region Porsche Club of America. The trophy is made from old Porsche valves and fashioned to look like a figure in a driving position including a steering wheel. The first year’s recipient went to Dan Deegan.
Those deserving enough to receive the award include:

1999 Dan Deegan
2000 Bruce Ryder
2001 Jim Gaylord
2002 Mark Pelkey
2003 Mike Budinski
2004 Rob Dean
2005 Bert Xander
2006 Rich DeAsis
2007 Terri & Bryan Starsky
2008 Babs & Tom Lyons

2009 Curt Hinchcliffe
2010 Chad Juby & Sue Reesen
2011 Bill Schicker & Jane Fairchild
2012 Jim Tulloch
2013 Bob Veltz & Karen Gesell
2014 Joe Prinzbach
2015 Ken Buschner
2016 Dan & Renee Sliwinski
2017 Dominic & Maria Galante
2018 Mike Zotter

2019 Fred & Lisa Paine


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