Club Emails


Email is a great no-cost way for our Club to stay in touch with our members and to provide timely reminders of upcoming events. It needs to be used with discretion however, as too many emails quickly become spam.

Generally, emails will be broadcast on the 1st and 15th of each month. This cuts down on the number of emails broadcast and prevents filling our members’ email in-boxes.

If you have something you would like included in either email, please contact our Email Coordinator.

Want to get on the Niagara Region PCA email lists?

1. BROADCAST EMAILS ON 1ST AND 15TH OF EACH MONTH: Our Region uses email addresses that are on file with National PCA. If you do not receive PCA emails, either they are being blocked by your computer’s spam filter or your email address on file with National PCA is incorrect or outdated. To ensure your email address on file is correct, please follow these directions:


  1. Sign in using your username and password.
  2. On the “Membership” dropdown menu choose “Member Services” then “Member Record”.
  3. Follow the directions for making changes and click “Save”.

You can also opt-out of receiving these broadcast emails by following the above directions and checking the “opt-out” option.

If you are not a Niagara member, you can still subscribe to the Broadcast emails.

2. SOCIAL EVENT EMAILS: In addition to receiving the broadcast emails twice per month, you can opt-in to receive more frequent emails for social event reminders, updates, cancellations due to weather, etc. You can opt-in to receive these social event emails by Subscribing here

3. NOT RECEIVING ANY EMAILS?  If you have subscribed to either list and are not receiving the emails, please check your SPAM folder.  Gmail users may also wish to perform the suggestions noted HERE.

Sample Email

Questions regarding the Niagara Region PCA email system may be directed to the Club Officers.