NRPCA Day at the Zoo

August 4, 2018 @ 11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Seneca Park Zoo
2222 St Paul St
Rochester, NY 14621
Tom Lyons

Come join us for the first ever NRPCA Kids event. This is the first of what we hope will be many events designed specifically for kids, the future of our club. This first event will take place at the Rochester Zoo on Saturday August 4th.

The event at the zoo will be a special animal presentation: This interactive learning experience is a terrific addition to your Zoo visit! This presentation will allow our kids to get up close and personal with the zoos program animals. These animals are not visible on your typical Zoo visit; they are only available to see with one of the zoo’s themed animal presentations. Some of the animals you might encounter include:

Each experience lasts about 45 – 60 minutes and includes three or four live animals, interactive activities and animal-related artifacts. The theme for the encounter would be Amazing Adaptations. Big or small, predator or prey, all animals have special adaptations to help themselves and their species survive. In this program, learn about what animals need to do to survive in their natural ranges and how their adaptations help them along the way.

Things you need to know

Please arrive at the zoo in time to park your car, purchase admission tickets, and be ready to enter the park in group by 11:45 am. I will try and secure a space for Porsche parking area. We need to enter the zoo as a group at 11:45 am and proceed to the Conference Center.  The Presentation starts at noon sharp. The presenter will be in the conference center waiting to greet us.  Click the logo above for a map of the park.

The zoo staff will provide the special up-close encounter with several zoo animals where the kids can meet and maybe the critters. When the zoo special presentation part is over, everyone is free to explore the rest of the zoo. There is food available at the zoo for those wishing to grab a bite.

Zoo admission rates are:

Kids 3 to 11 are $7.00 ea.

Adults 12 – 62 are $10.00 ea.

Geezers (like me) are $9.00 ea.

The club is picking up the cost of the personal up-close animal encounter. An RSVP by August 1st will be required to attend. Total head count might get capped at 50.

Please let Tom know if you are interested by email ( ) or by cell phone (585-415-8055). Let me know how many adults will attending and how many kids will be coming.

We are looking forward to hosting this first kids event and we hope there will be many more to follow.  Click here to download brochure.

Zoo Event Committee:

Tom Lyons

Curt Hinchcliffe

Carmen LaDelfa