Cars & Jet Boats

August 26, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours
115 S Water St
Lewiston, NY 14092
Joe Prinzbach
Back by Popular Demand!
Join us on a thrill of a lifetime ride… and that’s just getting to the Jet Boat.

On the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour (departing from Lewiston, NY – no passports required), you will learn about the history and geology of the majestic Niagara River, and experience the excitement of playing in class 5 whitewater rapids. Without giving away too much, you can be assured that it will be one of the most refreshing and memorable experiences of Niagara Falls! NOTE: This tour does not go to Niagara Falls.

 We will meet at Terry Hills at 9:00 with a 9:30 departure, following a short drivers meeting. We will take a spirited drive on Porsche friendly roads (i.e. curvy) and arrive in Lewiston around noon. We need to be there 45 minutes before departure to fill out a participation agreement and attend a mandatory pre-trip safety orientation. There are changing rooms and lockers available for valuables. It is recommended to bring a full change of clothes and towels. They will provide a life jacket, water booties, ponchos and any other required gear.

Those wishing to go straight to the Jet Boat should arrive at noon (115 South Water St., Lewiston, NY 14092)

More Jet Boat Tour details can be found here, which includes a short video.

NOTE: On location is a very nice restaurant with a view, for those interested in the drive, but not the Jet Boat.

jetboat3Why Niagara? Why Jet Boats?

Why Niagara?
The Niagara River collects all the water from the Great Lakes which amounts to about 20% of the world’s fresh water.  Over the past 12,000 years, the turbulent currents of the immensely powerful Niagara Falls have carved out a 7-mile (11km) gorge on the lower Niagara.  Hundreds of thousands of gallons of water flow over the Falls every minute and as that water enters the narrow rock gorge, it is compressed into the rapids that create our whitewater playground.

Why Jet Boats?
Safety.  Power.  Again, Safety.  Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours operates a fleet of custom-built vessels designed to the latest innovations in marine technology.  Our boats use a triple turbo diesel water jet system for both propulsion and steering, a design that creates incredible reliability and safety in the turbulent whitewater rapids.   

RSVP to Joe by August 23rd

Cost: $25.00/pp – Cash or check to NRPCA day of event

Following the discussion at Tuesday’s Meeting and a follow-up phone call with Whirlpool Jetboats, it was decided to keep the original date of Saturday, August 26th for the Cars & Jetboats.  We will be arriving before (just as) the Lewiston Jazz Festival is starting.  And Whirlpool Jetboats has a private parking lot.  So we’ll only need to deal with a short detour around the town.  In addition, those so inclined can check out the Jazz Festival, it was recommended to bring chairs.