Cars & Coffee with a Kick!!

October 13, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Pierce Arrow Museum
236 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14204
Tom Vossler

So we are having a little repeat of last October with a kicker.  Tom is taking us to the Pierce Arrow Museum for tour by none other than Jim Sandoro.

On Saturday October 13th we are having a Cars & Coffee that will start off with a 10am guided tour of the Pierce Arrow Automobile Museum. The vast knowledge the tour guide has of the collection makes this particularly interesting to car buffs, plus over the last three years a large number of new exhibits have been added to the museum., including motorcycles, automobile paraphernalia, and the opportunity to see one of three in existence: the P.A. Silver Arrow on loan for a limited time.

At the conclusion of the tour we will drive one mile down Seneca Street for a car show at Flying Bison Brewery. I plan to roast sausages from Spars European Sausage and Meats, and of course, you can purchase beers at the brewery. For added fun I invited the local Mercedes club which has a few members who are interested in attending.

Important: In order to have the guided tour with a docent we need to have 30 people so this is going to have to be a prepaid event. The cost of the tour is $25/pp and checks can be made out to the Pierce Arrow Museum and mailed to Tom at: Tom Vossler, 154 Morris Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14214.  The reservation has been made, and Tom would appreciate it if you would send your check sooner rather than later, with the cut off date being October 3rd.  Remember that while it’s great to drive our P-cars down there, regardless of the weather, the museum is open and the tour will be amazing. So don’t hold back just because you’re not sure of what the weather will be. 

Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum
263 Michigan Avenue (corner of Seneca Street)
Buffalo, NY 716-853-0084

Flying Bison Brewery
840 Seneca Street
Buffalo NY 716-873-1557

Any questions, please call
Tom Vossler 716-837-4600
154 Morris Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214

A little background 

THE DREAM OF A MUSEUM WAS A SEED IN THE MIND OF JAMES T. SANDORO, JR. VERY EARLY IN HIS LIFE. He remembers growing up in the City of Buffalo, on Lisbon Avenue, in what is now the University District. A neighbor kept an old car in a garage and young Jim would sneak inside to get a look at it and slide down the sloped fenders of what turned out to be a Pierce-Arrow Town Car. The car had been put up on blocks, which was common during WWII since rubber for tires was scarce. He was scolded for his antics, but the experience peaked his curiosity as he began to wonder what was so important about this car. He questioned the owner and began to learn that Pierce-Arrows were very special vehicles. This started a lifelong quest to learn and collect anything related to the company and its automobiles. Later, his family moved closer to the factory on Elmwood Avenue and Great Arrow Drive, which furthered his interest in Pierce-Arrow as he would roam around the factory grounds searching for remnants of the great company. His collection grew to include anything related to transportation, especially involving the City of Buffalo. His travels led him to many discoveries and purchases, all of which were brought back to Buffalo and assembled at the Museum. This was done to remind the people of Buffalo, and the world, that Buffalo was an influential city of industry and producer of outstanding vehicles. Our research has led to a list of more than 70 automobiles that were produced in Western New York. Pierce-Arrows and Thomas Flyers are considered by car collecting experts to be among the top 10 best vehicles ever produced.

This will be followed by a visit to the Flying Bison Brewing Co. for a car show and Spar’s German sausages and soda and coffee.  Beer, of course, will be available.    

Flying Bison Brewing Company is a packaging brewery located in the city of Buffalo, and the first stand alone brewery to operate in the city proper since Iroquois Brewing closed its doors in 1972.
An award-winning brewer with over 30 years experience, owner Tim Herzog made a strong commitment from the inception of this company as merely an idea to establish Flying Bison Brewing Company in the City of Buffalo and foster the return of what was once a flourishing industry. It’s this commitment that has carried the way for the brewery to become what it is today.

Flying Bison Brewing Co., 840 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210